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Some "dirt oval" bench racing!

May 4 2012 at 11:30 PM
ScottR  (Login AZ427)

I recenty ventured up to the localish 3/8th mile dirt short-track and I became enthralled with the "Pure Stock" class. Mostly because it was 100% Camaros, Monte Carlos and all that sorta swill. I thought that they just may need a Ford to crash the (crate motor, ((cough cough)) ) party.

From what I've read online IF there is a Ford to be found in this class, it's a 351c or 351w in a Mustang. I was thinkin' more like an FE in a 1968 Galaxie fastback. (Car must have a 101" min. wheelbase)

Engine rules are as follows:

Engine, Transmission.
A. Engine must be in stock location. Engine must be cast iron only. Cubic inch limits-GM
360-Ford-362-Chrysler/AMC-371. (Effective September 1, 2012) No pop up or dome
pistons, no roller cams, roller lifters or roller rocker arms allowed. Racing oil pans are ok.

B. Ignition system must remain stock appearing. (No Unilite, Multi Spark Discharge, or other
type non-OEM). Parts can be replaced by heavy duty OEM style and configuration.

C. Factory produced cast iron unaltered heads only. No port or polish work allowed.
No port matching of heads to intake or exhaust manifolds. Valve size is optional and can be
changed, provided that no machine work is done beyond 1/2" above the valve seat. Studs
may be pinned or changed. No after market heads or intake manifolds allowed. No grinding
on intake or exhaust manifolds allowed. No beehive, or barrel valve springs. Screw in studs,
guide plates, and stud girdles are allowed.

D. Aluminum intake manifolds are allowed, but must be OEM standard production only. No
special performance or special production manifolds allowed. Example: 1969
Z28 square flange aluminum intakes are not allowed. Exception: GM replacement part #
10185063 will be allowed.

E. Aluminum after market water pumps are allowed. Aluminum radiators are optional.

F. No headers allowed. Stock cast iron exhaust manifolds only.

G. Engine mounted factory type fuel pumps in stock location only. No electric fuel pumps

H. No mushroom lifters, superchargers, turbo chargers, fuel injection of any design, nitrous
oxide, pressurized fuel systems, magnetos, computers of any kind, or alcohol allowed.
Including (E85 Fuel).

I. Carburetor must be a stock production passenger car or light truck unit of the same brand
that came standard on the make of the engine being used. Carburetors must have factory
OEM numbers stamped on them and cannot have any visible machine work done. No
special high performance, limited production, or after market carburetors are allowed. No
adapter plates or after market spacer plates may be used.

J. Transmission must remain in stock location, and on stock unaltered cross member.
Solid mounts are allowed but must be stock configuration. Transmissions are allowed
to be GM to GM, Ford to Ford, etc, etc.

Section VII: Definitions
A. The definition of STOCK means unaltered and as originally produced in its purest form
for factory installation for year, make, and model at they pertain to these rules. Any part not
covered by these rules must remain Stock in the purest from of year and make.

B. The definition of LEGAL is any and all structures, parts, and equipment pertaining to the
car that conforms to these rules and regulations as determined by track officials.

C. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufactured.

Okay, from what you gather from the rules.... what would be the best combination to get 'er done?

ps: Nothing is said about crank, compression ratio, rods, or cam, (other that the type of lifters)

Full rules at:

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