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SCE Titan vs. Fel-Pro 1020 vs. Cometic

May 14 2012 at 11:00 PM

Tommy-T  (Select Login Tommy-T)

Here's my quandary:

When I built the blown 454 incher for my Mustang, I fell for the more-is-better attitude and went with the much-hyped SCE Titan copper head gaskets with the silly-cone rings around the water and oil ports. They were NOT cheap, and they started seep'n oil out of the deck from the get-go. The block was paralel decked, and the heads kissed while being refreshened. The more I drove, the worse it got...so I tore the heads off. This is what the gaskets looked like.[linked image]

The motor seemed to run ok...but it doesn't look like much seal'n was go'n on.

So here's the deal. I have some Cometics, but I'm a little gun-shy to pull-the-trigger on another pair of high-zoot head gaskets. After all, the Fel-Pro 1020 has never failed me...but I've never boosted against them either.

I'm gonna put my 1 to 1 pullies on this time.

Do ya figger the 1020's will hold up to 13lbs. of boost? You gotta know when I pull this thing out'a the driveway...I beat it like a red-hair'd-step-child.

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