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Where does the water go?

May 27 2012 at 2:11 PM

Ed  (Login SE2839)

with right at 300 miles on the 445 stroker I have added more than 4 gallons to the coolant, up to a gallon with each short drive. There is no coolant in the oil so it must be going out the exhaust and yet I do not have a vapor trail behind me. The car runs 190 degrees while driving down the road at highway speeds but will climb to around 210 in traffic. There does seem to be a slight miss at low RPM which may or may not be caused by the one cylinder running cooler than all the others but there is no evidence on the plugs which cylinder it may be and the miss does go away with higher RPM's. I have pressure tested it cold with only a 3 pound drop in 3 hours and I have tested it hot and still not found a leak. There ia an overflow tank which is dry. Any ideas what to look for next?

[linked image]

1966 Comet Caliente, Survival Motorsports 445 Stroker, Comp 282S Solid Bumb Stick, C6AE-R 2.09I/1.65E Iron Heads, Blue Thunder 2X4V MR Intake, Barry's Custom Carbs, FPA Headers, 3 inch Pipes w/ Magna Flows, Wide Ratio C-6, 3000 Stall, 9" w/3.89's

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