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Alot of good input

June 26 2012 at 3:32 PM


Response to Gear vendor O.D. ??

This is My first try with this so Im sure it will take some time. Thats where this forum shines is the info available.
Leland I used a Bendtsens adapter.It worked well and no cutting the bell off the trans. And was compatible with My long cast headers. I have a coloum shift.
Dave My kickdown seems to be working fine also shifting into OD seems fine too. Im still playing with the cable a small adjustment at a time.
Randy. I will look into a 1 pc input and a non lockup converter.I wonder mileage wise if it would make that much difference. I can hold the trans in second gear by starting in low then move the shifter up to 2nd then back down to low, It will stay till I manually upshift it.Like the old cruisomatics.
Didnt mean to hijack Yer post but thanks for the info. Fed

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