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O/T, newfangled Ford starting issue

July 2 2012 at 1:23 AM
Tom P  (Login tomposthuma)

So yesterday i had to drive my mother into town in her car, a 2000 Focus.
After getting there and being parked for an hour it wouldn't crank. Not a dead battery but not even a click from the starter. Thinking it may be heat soak i let it sit a while longer with the hood up and it started fine after being parked for two hours.
Tested it again today but this time it wouldn't start again in two hours and was only run for a couple minutes and not up to temperature. The starter was barely warm. It started fine when i tried it six hours later.

It isn't heat soak and the starter doesn't strain trying to start it, it simply won't crank.

Is it possible it's the stupid coded key acted up? When you try the spare key that came with the car it opens the doors and runs the accessories but won't crank. Any fix for that without spending a bunch at a dealer?

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