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The street race that never happened

July 5 2012 at 3:29 PM

Doug  (Login 67FEfastback)

I don't know what it is about this car, whether it's the 'gone in 60 seconds' movie, or what but everyone, wants to race you at the stoplights. From 4x4's to soccer moms in luxo SUV's, ricers to exotics.

I want to qualify, that it's better, since I changed from the magnaflows, to the patriots. When I come up to a stoplight, I switch the exhaust to "loud" and it reduces the challenges, by about 80%. I think the FE rattles their fenders and windows wink.gif

It's so bad, that usually, when the light turns green, I count three seconds, before I start, because I don't want to encourage them, or even want them to think that I'm racing their pile of junk.

I think I'd feel pretty bad, if I even revved my engine, and some loser took off like a nut, and got involved in an accident.

So yep, call me old, but I pretty much drive around at the speed limit, all the time. The FE rumble and going through the gears is enough.

Fast forward to last night. Out getting my FE fix, and I see an exotic, waiting to turn up the road, I'm proceeding on. So yup, I go the speed limit, because I know what's going to happen.

It was a while before his light changed. Yes he chased me down. Yes he would have had to go very fast to catch up.

Pulls up along side, and he wants to go, in his Ferrari (I think it was a Ferrari or Mclaren F1) it was WIDE whatever it was.

I just waved at him. Didn't bother revving the motor or gearing down, or anything. He took off.

Funny thing was, it's become so much of a habit, I wasn't even tempted. I did think of how stupid it would be, coming up to a busy intersection late at night, or beside the park, after that, where there could have been someone crossing the street with their dog or something.

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