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Streetmaster/RPM...Agree with Ross

July 31 2012 at 10:35 AM
RJP  (Login RJP)

Response to I am amazed, especially at the frequency you say

I will begin by saying I have never ran an RPM but I have run S/M in a few applications. Currently I am running a unmolested S/M on my 66 Fairlane GTA, 390-C6-3.00 gear. The engine has a mild Crane hyd cam, 600 Holley and stock exhaust manifolds. With a stock converter that has about a 1800rpm stall it is well suited for this combo. This setup does not experence any of the symptons cited above. No dead lowend, no limp throttle response and no negative driveability problems whatsoever. This combo will deliver 16.5-17 mpg/highway and still pull to about 5K rpm and since this car is a daily driver I have no need nor want to spin it higher, in fact the engine seldom sees more than about 3500rpms. The RPM has it's place in the FE world but it isn't the only good working manifold out there. I will add too that one particular manifold may work great on one engine but may come up short on another type of build. There is no such thing as one manifold for all applications.

60 Starliner 460, 61 Starliner 427, 66 Galaxie 428, 67 Fairlane 427, 66 Fairlane 390, 69 F-250 390, 72 Lincoln 460 and 3 Ford powered Hotboats

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