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"Since the whole thing is quite complicated"

August 6 2012 at 2:24 PM
S. Douglas  (Login ddbigengin)

Response to Re: I need help,I don't understand....Tall spacers, short spacers, 4 hole tall

No Chit. And quite beyond my realm of expertise because mostly my hi-po stuff has been motorcycles that don't have a real intake manifold. Bolt the carb to the head and let's go!
To be more specific about my question, As I am building a mostly numbers correct restoration, I want to use it's cast iron T manifold. It came factory non-egr with a 4 hole 1.10 in. aluminum spacer.So I've got this small volume intake with about 3+ inches of tube under the left side of the carb, and about 1 1/2 on the right. Looks weird to me.( But since I really don't understand what It all is supposed to accomplish, I need to ask questions.)
For instance,the AFB I'm using has about a 1.375 pri. hole and the sec. is 1.67. all 4 holes in the spacer and manifold are 1.6. I don't know whether to make reducer tubes for the front and bore out the secondaries, or put no spacer uner the carb, (seems weird and wrong) or leave the front alone and just taper the top of the spacer in the rear.or leave it all alone, or shit, or wind my watch.
Help is appreciated.

(still jousting with windmills)

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