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?? Not sure that's the right approach...

April 15 2017 at 2:32 PM

Button  (Login cliffrod)

Response to JMO but, may be simpler to cut 5/17" off bal. snout.

Before you start a cuttin' on the end of the crank, better make sure where the both the interference is. If there was no taper on either part, they would move consistently when fitted together. Like the old saying goes, Measure (at least) Twice. Cut once. I think more needs to be understood first and what doesn't fit and why. So I would be reluctant to cut before I was certain. Even thou it has nothing to do with engines and such, that's pretty much the entire basis of my career & income..

Another related question for the smarter folks here. If you trimmed the end off a crankshaft as suggested, would,it require a rebalance or not? With the weight being part of the center of the rotating mass that is within the bearing surfaces, instead of being located outside of the bearing surfaces away from the centerline, how would a nominal change in the mass change things especially if the amount of change in mass was equal around the entire circumference of the central mass.

I understand lightening or increasing a rotating mass to change inertia qualities to impact acceleration or torque characteristics, but would.like to stretch my mind a little more as needed. TIA.
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