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I know all about this but still I question the logic.

April 16 2017 at 8:28 AM
kleandan  (Login kleandan)

Response to Get rid of the old brake fluid.

I know non-synthetic brake fluid is hygroscopic. It will absorb moisture from the air.
Where I find the "toss all opened brake fluid" mentality to become dubious happens in practice.
For instance, I'm doing a brake job and begin with a brand new bottle of brake fluid. I open it, fill the master, close the bottle and begin my work. If I need more fluid I open the bottle, pour in the needed amount, close the bottle, do the work.
Now I am finished and I still have a 1/2 full bottle of brake fluid. I ensure it is closed tightly and place it on the shelf.

YES, the brake fluid will absorb the microscopic amount of moisture that was in the air in the void created by me pouring out what I needed. While the scientific proof is there about moisture absorption the amount of moisture in the available air is not detrimental to the brake fluid in the no longer exposed container.

HOWEVER, that same brake job may go, by most car enthusiasts, untouched for two to three years often times more.
The fluid in the master cylinder IS exposed to atmosphere and will absorb moisture all the time because it is constantly being given moisture to absorb.
Yet nobody gives that a second look. The brakes work great...all is well.

But that danged open bottle MUST be tossed out because it is now junk fluid after being opened?

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