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OT, but do any of you guys believe, or have owned a "cursed" car? Let me explain..........

April 16 2017 at 10:10 PM

Mike U.  (Login mtrain)

To put this better, I don't mean some gypsy came up, and wiggled their fingers at said vehicle, and cursed it, but rather a vehicle that would never run right no matter what you did to it, or maybe always getting dings, scratches etc.

I've owned such cars, and tried to my last to get them to be dependable, but finally gave up, and ended up selling them in the end.

I'm not talking about just mechanical stuff either, but strange crap that happened too much to be coincidences, like say a tree branch falling on the hood just after it was painted, always getting flat tires, road debris cracking the windshield, etc. Then, every time you fix the problem, something else unusual pops up to the detriment of your wallet, and vehicle.

My fathers truck is kinda that way, but ONLY when my wife rides in it. Even before I hot rodded it. The truck will run fine as long as I ride alone, but even taking my wife for a short trip around the block, and well it never fails that something happens. I remember the truck got to where the engine used to not start after driving, but again ONLY when my wife was with me. All other times it would start just fine.

Last time we went for a ride in the truck [since the performance makeover] the inside passenger door handle broke off. Now you got to figure that since my father bought the truck new, and it was mostly just his work truck that he drove mostly alone, the driver side handle would be the one to break since it got used at least 30:1 more than the passenger side handle........go figure.

Oh, and my late father, and wife didn't get along the best. I think both put up with each other for my sake.

Anyway, call me superstitious, but I truly believe there are some vehicles that just seem to have an unlucky cloud handing over them.

Any of you ran across any vehicles like this? Remember, I'm not really talking about "haunted", just bad luck. Post your tales.

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