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Rick, I've kinda thought the same thing about cars having some kind of "life" in them. For

April 17 2017 at 4:10 PM

Mike U.  (Login mtrain)

Response to Inanimate Objects

For example, I really baby all of my vehicles so they lead a pampered life.

However, it never fails that when I get ready to sell them they start having problems.

An 88 Mustang I used to own, and my first REAL Mustang [the first, first was my grandfathers 76 Mustang II, 4 cyl auto] did this to me.

I wrenched that car from a 4 cyl to a pretty stout [for its time] aluminum headed 302 carb'd motor. Did all of the mods from K member, 8.8 rear swap, full length exhaust, paint, etc. Its name was ol blue.

Anyway, when I bought my second 65 Mustang fastback I had to sell it as I needed funds to build the 65, and I also had to sell my 88 Mustang vert with a built 351w, aka big red.

Well, ol blue NEVER gave me a problem, it was to date the most fun car I ever owned. The kid who bought ol blue came all the way from OK to drive it home.

I was to meet him at a local school. On the way to the school the C4 wouldn't shift into third gear. I took the car back home, and put it on the jack, and somehow the vac mod line had worked its way off. I put the line back on, and all was fine.

So during the drive home the kid gets giddy, and decides to row through the gears. He said all was fine until he hit reverse, and locked the tires up.

Next was Big Red. Kid came from MS to buy it. He paid, and left, made it to the red light in a busy intersection where it died. I drove there to meet him, turned out the wire connection from the dura spark to the dizzy had came loose.

I followed him to the nearest parts store where I bought some tape to make SURE the connection didn't come back off. He made it just past the AL/MS line, and the serpentine belt broke [it was pretty much brand new].

Then there was my 55 Thunderbird that never failed to start until a buyer came to look at it.

Sometimes it makes you wonder if you impart some of yourself into these things with all of the love, and wrenching, and turn them into some kind of abomination of "life".

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