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OK, maybe a couple

April 17 2017 at 7:58 PM

Falcon67  (Login Falcon67)

Response to OT, but do any of you guys believe, or have owned a "cursed" car? Let me explain..........

Thought about it...been a long time ago.

Had a nice red 84 Mustang. Good car, did have to rebuild the 2.3L motor once after a cracked piston skirt but we had that thing for years and it always ran, even after sitting for long periods. Charge the battery, prime the carb, off it'd go. "Luck" got it caught in a hail storm which paid off the note. It sat outside for several years, after a while all hte hail dents went away. That's our "control" Mustang LOL. Compare -

Bought an 86 notch Mustang, clean 2.3L, white, perfect little runner. Bought it from Ted Arendale Ford in Arlington, used lot. Before we went to pick it up after prep and loan papers donw, it was sitting on the lot when some lady jumped the curb and whacked 4 cars on the front row and pushed one into ours. That car never did act "right". Went through it a few time, never found anything out of place. It'd just act up sometimes. Stall, not start, run ruff, etc.
Should have kept that one and hot rodded it.

Best -
When I met my wife she was driving a borrowed Pinto. It was three colors with a bumper sticker that read "I'm into it". We started dating and I peeled that sticker off the car. After that, that car was after me big time. Blew off a fuel line, ate batteries, die here and there and not start, etc. The big one was her driving to her apartment from work. Crossing the downtown overhead (long gone) in Fort Worth - this was heavy I-20 traffic two lanes just west of the big mixmaster interchange with I-35W. About the middle of the bridge the car goes wide open. She kicks it to neutral and shuts it down. Manages to make it off the bridge on foot, calls me. I meet her at the scene. The shoulder on the north side lanes was just big enough to hold the car - traffic on one side, guard rail and 20' down to the street on the other. So here I go, climb over the car, slide in the drivers side window Duke Style and pop the hood. Trucks and such booming by at 60 MPH, every one rocks the car against the guard rail. Slide out, remove air cleaner. Large head screw from the choke had rolled around the carb flange - a flange about 1/4 wide if that - to the other side of the carb and locked the throttle open. I move the linkage and it fell to the ground. You sorry !@#@#$@. Started right up.

We got married shortly after, made the guy that "loaned" it come from New Mexico and get that SOB. He had just made it back across the border into NM and it quit on him.

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