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Just saying... So,sending all old brake fluid to Land fill is...??

April 18 2017 at 7:23 AM

Beoweolf  (Login beoweolf)

Response to Yep!

I've resurrected more than few old cars, trucks - hydraulic systems over the years. I don't know wharever the heck comes out of bleeding those old systems, but the gunk is often nearly solid, brownish. Maybe a mixture of rust, old rubber (neoprene?), and sometimes - actual water.

The point is, I tend not to use previously opened containers of brake fluid - just like I've been taught. However, the question is valid today more than it was in the past, what do you do with the leftovers? You can't - or at least,shouldn't mix it with used motor oil and I've never seen anyplace which says it takes "brake fluid".. so, maybe you just take it to those "free" HazMat collection points... dump it - to kill weeds behind the shed?

I do admit to using the old Brake fluid, sometimes - when doing a flush of an entire, old system... where I know I'll be wasting a lot.

... does that make me a gross polluter?

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