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Maybe some expensive overkill?

April 19 2017 at 5:17 AM
MeanGene  (Login 2many427s)

Response to cam selection

It seems like you are spending a lot of money to get to a full race rocker system, seemingly having to drill a solid lifter block for oiling, when your intention is to use a milder/ street hydraulic roller, which would seem to only require a set of any of the "good" rockers. I had hoped to avoid cutting the heads and drilling the block for race T&Ds, by using the Dove HD setup, as I have a couple sets (one new), but I have been advised by the Super Stock guru crowd that while that setup is pretty much bulletproof up to about a .700 lift SR, above that level I should go to the race T&Ds at around .800 lift to be safe. As I also have a couple other sets of heads that are already cut, I don't have much choice but to spend the bux- so bye-bye Dove HDs...
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