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You're kidd'n yerself

April 19 2017 at 9:14 AM

Tommy-T  (Select Login Tommy-T)

Response to So, I was bragging on the FE's power compared to the BBC...

Just put a closed chamber 325 horsepower 396 head on a flow bench...and then put a 390 GT head on a flow bench.

You'll have your answer why the rat makes more power. It only gets worse for the Ford if you put an open chamber rectangular port rat head against a Medium/Hi Riser or Tunnel Port head.

The abundance of out-of-the-box 400+ cfm aftermarket Rat heads makes it even more ridiculous.

That is what makes it even more fun when you put a whupp'n on a Rat (or 385 Ford) with your dinosaur FE!

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