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A 454 ci Cleveland would make a 454 FE two car lengths easily

April 19 2017 at 6:27 PM
Bill Ballinger  (Login 65billgal)

Response to You're kidd'n yerself

I love FEs, I love BBCs, I love LD engines and 440 Mopars. They don;t need to mixed. If we want FEs well they are drying up, I am not a Big 460 fan, they just don't have the soul an FE does, even when the 385 is way bigger and faster, Ford makes a 427 Windsor crate engine now that is available, You can't get a common 427 together for that. Its too bad, but I have a 394 fe, and if I built another, I would bore a 390 block to 4.09 and put a 4.125 crank in it with BBMs a good intake and maybe try an EFI like the cool Falcon here has. I'll never be a millionaire, but its a nice dream. I would not have what I have now if not for great friends having spare parts that hand down to my project well. My BBMs need everything done, but I want more inches under them, maybe offset grind that 410/428 crank I have for BBC 6.7s and Racetecs, I have a good roller cam that will be even better if Ken reground it a little for my Morel 5325s.

Woulda coulda shoulda. I love FEs, they run as fast as most cars need to go unless you have a stupid amount of money, they sound good, and they are fun to work on. Good enough for me.

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