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How do they compare to old Autolite/Motorcraft?

April 20 2017 at 10:43 AM

Rory McNeil  (Login RM428)

Response to Hard to beat the 45s for factory street stuff...

Just curious how the Autolite 45 or NGK WR5 compare, heat range wise, to say an old Ford Autolite BF32. I just bought a set of NGK WR5s for the 428CJ I am putting together for my 59, and compared to some old BF 32s I have laying around, the NGKs do look like a hotter plug to me. I believe that Ford speced BF32s for the 428 CJs, and BF42s for regular 390s. Would my local Ford dealer still offer and direct replacement for BF32s, and if so, what is the part number? This 428 is esentially a stock std bore 428 Cobra Jet, with original "428 Super" cast pistons, stock CJ heads, the only modifacations are a mild solid flat tappet Oregon Cam, (similar to a Comp 270S),FPA headers, Performer RPM with a Holley 750 DP or 3310-1 780 vac, and a Canton deep sump pan. So I would think a stock range plug would be a good starting point. I do hAve a box with probably over 100 "lightly used" Autolite BF 22, 32 and 42 spark plugs, maybe I should just clean and reuse them!
428 powered Fairmont drag car, Best ET:9.97 @132.56MPH, best 60 ft: 1.29
59 Meteor 2 dr. sedan 332, Ford O Matic
74 F350 ramp truck 390 4speed
1985 Mustang 331 4 speed Best ET10.29at 128.7mph, 1.40 69 foot

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