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Nothing particularly wrong but...

April 20 2017 at 3:01 PM
Jason  (Login 60sIron)

Response to Chevy, its not the machine, but the attitude

It is very disappointing for me to see a nice old F100 or a shoebox Merc at a car show with the hood up and see a mouse motor in there.

I don't even like seeing a SBC in a car that should have a Pontiac motor in it.

To me, it is just a sign of laziness. The car builder didn't want to take the time to learn about an appropriate engine for the car, so they just threw in a cookie cutter SBC crate engine when they could have built something cool out of what they had. If you want to put a more modern engine in a Ford, and you are OK with a small block, then why not a Windsor or a Cleveland or a 5.0. Ford Motorsport even has a nice Coyote crate motor if you've got the bucks.

I like engines, and I like seeing interesting and unique engines. If the Rat and the Mouse were more rare, I'd appreciate them more, I'm just sick of seeing the same engine thoughtlessly dropped into every project because the car builder doesn't care what is under the hood. But that is me, and I'm building my car with an FE which probably cost me an extra $5000 over an SBC crate motor. Other folks can do what they like, but I'll just pass by with a disappointed look as I make my way towards something more interesting

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