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I'm very aware of that which is why I have such respect for his success

April 20 2017 at 6:46 PM
Dan  (Login 32bantam)

Response to Dan, you've got to remember he is running against other "highly modified extreme"..

Maybe I can clarify slightly. While primarily a guy who builds street machines for whoever pays ... I once worked for an SS racer... Chevy guy as a matter of fact and friend of my old man's hero Bill Grumpy Jenkins. While Ron Carr designed and tested all his own stuff, cast his heads and consulted on many others...customers were quite happy to pay for name brand parts even if they couldn't pay for big name engines. During the evolution of the PIE head a Chevy guy could pay Rehr Morrison... That doesn't mean they didn't try to win or test in the least. It means they had broader shoulders and more of them to choose from as today to stand on. Yes, things are much farther along today from twenty years ago but someone still needs to eat the wheaties and burn the midnight oil to win. Wins at this level are huge efforts on all accounts absolutely! Yet to be the winner, the record and the man generally means you went above and beyond the other guy if ever so slightly. No where did I say differently but for an FE guy to beat all these odds to win is more significant in my book.

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