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Re: Marketing misleading.

May 15 2017 at 4:17 PM
Gary  (Login garywittman)

Response to Marketing misleading.

Having a CJ engine in a 69 Torino does not make it a Cobra. The 69 Cobra is basically a stripped down Fairlane and is just called a Cobra. The only Fairlane label I could find on my 69 Cobra is a on a tag in the glove compartment. The Torino was a more upgraded Fairlane. In 70, Ford did come out with the Torino Cobra. Nascar associated 69 Fairlanes were typically called Torino Cobras but they didn't even run the 428 CJ, they ran a 429. The Talladega model had Torino Cobra on the paperwork from Ford but it had a lot of out of the ordinary call outs.

I paid $18K for my 69 Cobra Sportsroof (Fastback) in 2005. It was complete and still had the original engine and transmission in it. I would not call it a show car but is a grade above a driver. From what I have seen in value, it is worth $23K-25K now and it takes a very nice car in special circumstances to get more than $30K out of a 69 Cobra. The Sportsroof usually draws more than the Formal roof. One without the engine would have a hard time getting $10K if everything else was in good condition. If the rest is on moderate to rough condition, $3k-5K may be all it would get.

Of course, everything I stated is my opinion but based on some history.

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