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Re: 427 Marine/Industrial block question

May 16 2017 at 6:00 AM

Rory McNeil  (Login RM428)

Response to Re: 427 Marine/Industrial block question

The only 427 blocks that I have seen with that area cut away was on a marine engine. My 427 was cast in 1970, and I am not sure if it is a service or an industrial block, but it is a hyd. lifter sideoiler block, with no such machining in that area. I do know that when I went to install it in my Fairmont, I had to modify the driver side motor mount, since the bolt spacing was different, to accomodate the side oiler bulge. Maybe these marine blocks are cut away to allow the lower motor mount bolt hole remain in the normal non sideoiler location. Has anybody ever measured the motor mount bolt pattern between the sideoiler vs non sideoiler 427 blocks?
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