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I will not be hauling this car.

May 16 2017 at 1:04 PM
kleandan  (Login kleandan)

Response to What to charge for enclosed transport?

I spoke directly with the WI State Patrol on this issue.
Basically if I am being compensated for the hauling, financially or otherwise, I am commercial. Due to be being "commercial" the rules and regulations change dramatically regarding proper credentials to legal.
When I said this guy is not a friend I did not mean anything by it other than pure facts. He is just someone who purchased a car for sale.
The convenience of me hauling it for him is easy to understand and easy to do. However, with this situation changing me from just a citizen with a trailer into a commercial hauler I am no longer going to bother. Far too much hassle for one single trip to help a guy who bought a car.
The State Patrol officer explained it pretty easily. He said if you will be claiming ANY portion of the hauling on your taxes you are commercial. If you are compensated, sponsored, paid, endorsed, you are commercial.
If the stuff being hauled is yours, as well as the hauling vehicle and trailer, then it is personal and falls under different rules.
He also gave some instances where they look the other way if your stuff is in order. For instance, maybe you are moving your Moms furniture to her new place with your trailer. Technically it is commercial but they overlook some rules in some instances.
My instance, as stated above, is commercial and I am not registered for that...No hauling for me in this instance.

I greatly appreciate all the helpful hints from everyone. It all adds up to an overall better situation in the end.

Have a great day.

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