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I talked directly to the source. Pretty definitive.

May 17 2017 at 8:37 AM
kleandan  (Login kleandan)

Response to What to charge for enclosed transport?

I spoke directly with the enforcement officials. While I don't have the literal statutes in my hand to read and interpret I felt the Officer knew what he was talking about and was honest in giving me good information. He asked good questions, answered all my questions, and input some of the real world views as well.

There is far too much curbstone lawyer knowledge out there concerning this subject. "I knew a guy". "I heard a guy say". "I have been doing for x number of years without issue". These are great stories to tell after hours while sipping a beverage and sitting around the fire.
The sentiments carry ZERO weight when the officials have you on the side of the road, unhooking your trailer and impounding it until you comply with laws regarding commercial transport.
Many a hauler is doing business in an illegal manner regardless of whether they know it or not and regardless of whether they get caught.

I went to the source to find out what the real rules are. I found out I should not be transporting this car due to the details of the transaction placing me fully in commercial status...I am not a commercial hauler. I am just a guy with a truck and enclosed trailer.
While being technically illegal moving my buddies car to a show 25 miles away is very different than crossing state lines and driving many hours one way to deliver a car for payment.

I still appreciate all the helpful input. It all helps in the end.

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