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Issues with newly built 427

May 18 2017 at 10:46 AM
Greg  (Login gaaj427)

Hello all, I want to pose this question to the amazing knowledge base on this forum. I have recently built a 427 dual quad for my Fairlane. The engine is 4.24 bore, cammed and runs great when cold. When the engine runs for about 10min and gets warm about 220deg the engine starts to load up. It also seems to stumble some at idle.

It is running about 6" vacuum, 14deg initial timing, I had the carbs rebuilt by Carls Ford and I have adjusted the float bowls to factory specs then I adjusted them low as they were "dripping" when the engine shut down as the engine would flood.

When the engine is cold, it starts first time and will do that multiple times. Once it gets hot, the carbs flood the engine and I have to hold the throttle wide open to get it restarted. I put spacers under the carbs (thinking it was heat related), lowered the power valve to 2.5, made sure the gas cap is vented but the problem is still there.

Interestingly enough if I run the engine at 3-4k it runs fine even after I get it restarted with WOT but as soon as it goes to idle it dies and will be hard to start again. I adjusted the point gap to spec as well.

This is a head scratcher and I am back to it being a carb issue but I wanted to see if anyone else had this issue....

Thanks for your input!

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