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Install a good fuel regulator and drop it down to like 4.5 psi.

May 18 2017 at 9:41 PM

Anonymous  (Login TorinoBP88)

Response to you may want to check

I have had similar issue. I have two carbs rebuilt by the same outfit, and had to re-rebuild both of them. I also rebuilt two more carbs, and had similar issues with them. Genuine Holley needles worked way better than the aftermarket kits. The are touchy with modern additive added gas. It will vapor lock/boil in the lines and over pressure the Holley needles and dribble into the engine. BTW, change your oil, it gets ruined from the gas running down the cylinders.

It will take about 1000 miles to loosen up the engine, and temperatures should come down. Don't run it sitting. Drive it. Then at about 1000 miles, consider dropping the thermostat down to 180 or 160 even if you have a 195* in it now. I don't mind running over 200, but 220 bothers me.

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