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May 19 2017 at 5:41 PM

Tommy-T  (Select Login Tommy-T)

Response to Turbo's, and stroker motors. I can't understand this.........

...if you're going to build a boosted motor and you're upgrading the "arm" from say a nodular unit to forged, you may as well go bigger even if it's nominally bigger.

Maybe counter intuitive for some (even me), when I built my blown FE project I went with a nitrided 1U 428 crank even though I had a RPM forged 4.250 unit on the junk pile. I've never hurt a 428 crank and figured it'd work well for me, which it has. I'll use my RPM "arm" if I buy an aftermarket block...and might do some "real" drag racing.

The 2.5 crank in a Turbo 2.3 is a wonderment to me as well. It isn't a direct bolt in for an earlier 2.3 block and the fiddle'n 'round is not worth the effort especially when the bottom end of a 2.3 Ford is as strong as an anvil (just as heavy too). Been mess'n with Turbo 2.3's for a while.

Boost is addictive and the learning curve is quite steep. Blower pistons are NOT cheap. Got scrap aluminum on my junk pile.

[linked image]

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