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Re: Some thoughts

June 13 2017 at 1:42 AM
John  (Login Argess)

Response to Some thoughts

Yes, ignition is likely the culprit. Must check rest of plugs. I also looked in the dark (at idle) but didn't see any leaking spark or corona so wires "may" be OK. Cap will be easy to check plus I have a spare.

What's interesting is you both mentioned what basically amounts to a valve being open when it shouldn't.

These are Crane dual springs with close to 8000 miles on them. When I first installed them, I had one break somewhere in the first 1000 miles. An outer one, however the inner one kept things together. I have no recollection of having it cause problems, but I would have been taking it easy on the engine back then due to break-in. I discovered it by accident when I went to adjust the valves.

I called Crane (this was prior to them going out of business) and they told me they have not heard of a spring failure since they started making them in the 1960s. I sent them the broken one for analysis but never heard back from them.

So if one could break, perhaps I have a bad batch and another has broken?

Another thing I just remembered. I had a similar problem last year. Car hadn't been used for at least two weeks and the weather was very humid. Car is kept in a garage. I drove the 5 miles to town without incident which was easy as I just toodle along until the oil temp comes up. I then tried to give it a little gas and it sputtered and lost all power. I didn't think much about it as the problem went away on its own after a while. So could be dampness.... distributor cap maybe....

Anyway, I'll do some more checking today. Will post if I find anything. May post a pic of plugs too. Thank-you for your responses.

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