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Salvaging a GT type pan is it worth it?

June 13 2017 at 9:20 AM
FERoadster  (Login FERoadster)

Brought another FE home yesterday to tear down and just about got there in 2 hours. Getting better at this.
Cut the intake bolts inside the heads, cutting torch, because 4 of them stripped, 2bbl intake and C8AE heads so nothing lost. I could see the bolts so why bother with metric sockets......Broke the distributor off because the shaft would not come out. The dist. would turn but stopped when I tried to lift it. Cut the shaft & pulled the distributor housing.

Dropped the pan and notice it's got the clearance "notches" for steering linkage.
However the pan had been dropped at the scrap yard and is really dented/crushed in the rear of the sump area about 1". I can bump and reshape the sump but are these harder to come by? Pan is really nice otherwise,

BTW sheet metal tag on the Dist. hold down bolt is 390 70 F. It is from what I can see a stock mid 70's PU FE. PU bellhousing but the car oil filter adapter.
Should I bother with the oil pan? Most of the parts are going back to the scrap yard today.

Richard >>> FERoadster

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