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June 14 2017 at 7:02 AM

Falcon67  (Login Falcon67)

Response to radiator questions

Falcon uses a 31x19 generic, Mustang uses a 27x19 generic, both from Summit Racing. Dual 1" cores. No problems with aluminum, the one in the Falcon is going on 18 years in use, the Mustang about 10. The big one in the Falcon has no problem keeping 500+HP in check. I run my door cars "hot", that is 180F or better. Including racing. Aluminum seems to like a hotter working fluid. An engineer with Griffin told me point blank "hot water = cool motor". My street/strip 500 HP 351C ran on the road at 195F. That also makes for nice clean oil and very low wear. The only car around here that runs "cold" is the dragster, and that by necessity.

My experience with copper is that you need more cores and a closer fin count - then you need a hella fan to try and move air through it. And the more cores you add, the less effective each additional core becomes. The large cores in the aluminum units have a lot more surface area. The fin count is reduced so more air can pass through easier. You'll note that you'll not find any copper radiators in cars anymore, including those 700+ HP Hellcats.

The big 31x19 radiator just happens to like Camaro LT1 style fans and it makes for a nice assembly that can be removed as a unit. Remove to retainer clamps, remove the hoses, unplug the connector and it lifts right out of the car.

[linked image]

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