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Yep all of em', I need better friends. lol

June 14 2017 at 5:05 PM
Dan  (Login 32bantam)

Response to You sure he's not a Chevy guy?????

Sad thing is the guys with money are worse than the poor cats most of the time. A guy I worked for years ago just got off the phone whining about buying everything twice on his new VW engine...like it's my fault he buys junk parts off EBay. I haven't charged the guy a dime, kinda feel bad his kid won't help him so I do when I can but it gets old quick. $5.60 cut off jet was like asking for blood and gold bars from Mr. Gated community.

Then I got my pal with the Copo who him and the owner were too cheap for upholstery glue. I'll be installing the third headliner because they screwed up two already. $125,000 project car but bitching about materials for me to fix the interior.

It's different when you're bandaiding the old stead to get to work with your last nickel. That I know all about but buying junk and fighting with it to make it work on decent budget is retarded.

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