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O/T..rejuvenating drag slicks?

June 15 2017 at 6:43 AM
jim carlson  (Login jbcarlson)

I've been racing for about 25 years. Typically I go to 5 or so races per year with between 3 to 6 passes per race. I get really good life out of my 9 inch slicks on the Fairlane. I would say around 5 seasons. My latest slicks are from Hoosier and I purchased them 2 years ago. There is plenty of tire left as the holes are very deep. Normally I use Mickey Thompson, and the previous set to the Hoosier were Firestone (now Phoenix?). I've never had a problem with traction. Usually just purchase new slicks when the holes are disappearing.
Now I'm having all kinds of traction issues. It started last year and is getting worse. I had a buddy watch my burnout Tuesday and there is no smoke. The slicks aren't even sticky when I get back after a pass. My normal burnouts are not excessive, so I know I haven't burned them up.
Are Hoosiers prone to this? Can I use a compound to get back my traction? I've heard of guys doing this. What is used that works? I'm looking for a shortcut since time is short as I have a race June 24/25.

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