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It's called Statistical Process Control (SPC) ...

June 18 2017 at 8:33 AM
Dennis  (Login tbolt2)

Response to Better production methods

Drs. Deming, Crosby, and Juran were the proponents of Total Quality Management, selling it in Japan. Deming worked with Ford extensively in later years. Some of his principles were never implemented.

In the 1980's, Ford sent me to numerous schools on this. Incidentally, SPC was in practice at Ford since the early 50's. Before computers, calculating Cp/Cpk to determine process capability was done mathematically by hand. The first computer, located in Dearborn, was called Multics. There were telephone cradle modems used to interface in order to perform statistical calculation, t-charting, etc. ... .

Incidently, the size tolerance on the pin bore is .0003", graded in three sizes. With a big end tolerance of .0008", in two grades. Ability to check to that accuracy requires air/electronic gages.

The Con Rod manufacturing process didn't change much until Powdered Metal con rods using laser cracking to separate the cap from the rod.

Copper plating, in addition to addressing dimensional variations, was also used for weight correction. Ref. 7/12/66 Mercury 1966 TSB #51.


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