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New build, Holley problems

June 18 2017 at 12:52 PM
Jason  (Login 60sIron)

This engine has been run on the dyno, but today was the first time in the car.

On the dyno, it ran with a borrowed distributor and carb. Now in the car, it is set up with a Holley 750 vacuum secondary and a stock distributor with Pertronix ignitor ignition module.

The engine is:
4.165 x 4.125
Comp hydraulic roller cam
BBM heads

It runs, but idles rough, and seems to want a lot of spark advance. The vac advance is disconnected.

I've stopped trying to work on it today because I think the carb is defective. I'm getting dripping gas from the rear fuel bowl area. I can't see exactly where it is coming from. This is the first Holley I've worked with, my other FEs ran either the 4100 or an Edelbrock. There were a few backfires through the carb as I was setting the initial timing, I've heard that Holleys don't react well do those, could I have blown something that is causing this fuel leak? Did I destroy this carb, or should I try to return it?

Clearly there is something wrong with this carb with the leak, but could it also be causing the idling problems?

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