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The difference Ross is working with....

June 19 2017 at 5:25 AM

Blair Patrick  (Login CaptCobrajet)

Response to Long rods........

is insignificant. However, you have to be careful quoting Pro Stock and Comp experts and applying it to every case. There is absolutely a relationship between rod length and port cross-section. Speaking solely on rod ratio, I agree that the rod ratio is usually not a factor. Keep in mind that those guys used very thick blocks.....a short rod can load a thin cylinder and cause problems that they never saw. Lots of things to consider when engineering a combo. There are only a few things that I write in stone, and rod length can effect things. Rod ratio being one of many things. I would bet that a 3.5 stroked FE in a thin 352 will run LONGER with a 6.7 rod and a stable, full skirt piston than it would with a 4.375 stroke and a 6.625 rod with a short piston. You gotta read between the lines and pick your poison a little bit based on what you are trying to accomplish. I think Ross used the rods because he had them, and called them "long rods" in reference to their being 6.540 rather than 6.490. That difference would be unmeasurable with everything else a constant.
Blair Patrick

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