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trying not to blame the messenger...

August 8 2017 at 6:25 AM

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After losing the vacuum pump on my 7.3 idi at speed 500 miles from home yesterday, I got off the highway and swung into the first car parts store. Found a rebuilt pump in stock, but needed to swap the pulley... Two parts stores with a variety of pullers, one private mechanic (7.3? yeah, I've got that puller..... huh, it doesn't fit your pulley....) and more calls before I went to the local Ford dealership. Nope, no one has one that fits either and has never seen this type of pulley before.

Eventually, a Ford Tech there named Clint (figure the odds- very cool) takes one of his pullers to the grinder and saves the day without charging me a dime. We're on the road again. Very very cool. If anyone here happens to know Clint the Ford Tech, thank him again for us.

Problem is, the dealership parts desk/waiting room has 3-4 cool poster-pics of various Fords. One was an F1 that I had to look at close before deciding it wasn't Randy's / Henry's Nephew. Another was a 65 fastback with GT lights and 15" styled steel wheels- at least the wheels were all chromed.... The biggest one was most troubling. There was a Hertz-painted Shelby GT350 with 1966 quarter windows and a 65 R front apron. Not original but not a mortal sin. Then I noticed the birds on the fender?. It said 428. A closer look and the hood scoop also had a later Mustang/Cobra 428 rectangular badge. At least it didn't have a GT350R in the rocker stripe.

Given all these details, I realize the likelihood of it being a true 66 Shelby is small. The internet and reality tv make spawn enough legends & ignorant experts. But if you go to the local Ford dealership and see such things as an R-code looking 428 1966 Hertz GT350 Shelby presented on the wall to eager but naive fans, that's not cool imho.
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1967 Galaxie 500 White with Black stripes 428PI clone- car is dead & long gone, sold near Oak Ridge TN 2000, would love to find it.....
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