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Re: Clueless?

August 9 2017 at 9:53 PM

Anonymous  (Login 427RComet)

Response to Clueless?

now now ricky, Nowhere did I say it would in fact make 3000hp. Capable yes, huge difference.

It will make more @ idle than all your engines combined!

For someone who claims to own 50 vehicles and only one of the 50 runs and could not build a engine if his life depended on it . . . Keyboard cowboy is all you will ever be.

Initial goal of the 540/565 was 1000 RWHP for starters. Running only 20 PSI it should make 2000 HP.
It sounds like you are the butthurt one.

The Eco engines are not 215 cu in as you said but 213. Interesting thing is My Stock 213 cube 6 will make more power than anything you will ever own.

By the way ricky when is the last time you owned a FE that actually ran?

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