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Some details make the difference.

August 10 2017 at 8:47 AM
kleandan  (Login kleandan)

Response to trunk fininsh

What year is your car?
My 1966 7-LITRE Galaxie falls into an odd lot of possible options.
There is a line in the sand of Jan 1966 build date.
This means there were running revisions made at this time and this results in differences between 1966 Galaxies based on when and where they were assembled.
My car was made mid January and has led me down the path of what is and what "should" be many times.
Some of the revisions are there, some are not, and a few seem to be revised due to parts availability at time of assembly.

When it comes to something like trunk paint there are a few options based on what info you have.
If you know your car has not been altered you can look at what is there and replicate that regardless of what the experts say.
If your car has been altered you can search for consistencies and choose one that suites your car best.
If you are just making a nice car and don't care about perfect factory replication you can choose something that is period correct and accepted by the masses (a gray base with black and white flecks for a 66 is a good bet)

No matter what, there are so many instances of the experts saying this and that never happened only to find that it actually did happen. Keep in mind what was happening at the time. These were just cars. Cars being built to sell and last about 7 years.
The assembly line was kept running unless something went really wrong.
If they ran out of "correct" trunk slurry for a few hours they used something else until the regular mix was available again in order to keep the line running.
This means thirty cars may have a different trunk paint than the other 30,000.

My car has both the trunk mat and the spatter paint on the trunk walls.

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