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Convince me to stay with an FE

August 11 2017 at 8:29 AM

Cory  (Login cabloom390)

Ok I have a 76 f250 highboy sled pulling truck and while the truck has been pretty fun the last 3 years I'm think about a change. It has a 60 over 390 right now. Somewhere around 10.5 comp, fully ported heads with cj valves, mild comp cam, holley performer port matched intake and headers. The truck is hardly ever driven on the street but it runs a street legal class. On certain tracks I can turn 6k rpm and it does really well, however I'm searching for more mid range torque that can help leaving the line but can also turn 6k consistently. Having a fe is fun and guys like to talk about it and no one runs them. So my question is I know building a 460 based motor will probably be cheaper and easier but how much more would it take to do a 445? I'm probably only looking for 450hp maybe 500 torque but a motor that has great mid range but can also scream on the top end (6000rpm+). If I went with barrys kit and ran higher compression (11+ I would like to mix racing fuel at the very least) would I be able to untilze my heads and bump to a bigher cam and be able to run this power I'm looking for? If I need to go go edelbrock heads I don't see how staying with an FE makes financial sense. Any ones input would be appreciated. Thanks

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