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August 11 2017 at 2:18 PM
Dustin  (Login HarleyJack)

Response to If you are only mismatched by 1/8" on the sides, then

Thanks for all the replies FErs...Joe- that is what I was thinking honestly. Looking at the overall runner design and size I lean more toward doing nothing at all vs. matching it all the way around. I know having a step from floor into the head is best but it is a pretty big step. My concern was bell mouthing the end of the runners and possibly hurting velocity without gaining much flow at all. Guessing a minor bell mouth is not bad. The design of the RPM limits a lot of manipulation...works good as is...IMO and so far proven.

What about trying to touch up certain runners and leave some alone? From research on your old thread( I believe) it appears they are not all that balanced with some(2,3) being higher flow than others. I would think increasing on the existing imbalance could be bad longevity wise for the engine/equal fueling of cylinders for the street.

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