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OT, would adding a firewall starter solenoid solve my starting issues?

August 11 2017 at 3:16 PM

Mike U.  (Login mtrain)

I'm still having starting problems with my little 363 Dart/Ford engine in my little truck.

Background Dart 8.5 deck 363 engine with 8.5:1 cr [twin turbo] mile hyd roller cam at 540 lift at 114 lca, AFR 185 heads, Cometic head gaskets, Tri-Y headers going to turbos, new battery, and new Powermaster XS Torque starter with the solenoid on the starter.

I had an older Powermaster starter, and it did fine for a while, then I started getting the dreaded, "click, click".

So I changed to a new battery, and no luck so out of frustration I just bought a new PM which was exactly the same as the old PM starter.

I also installed a new lock/key on the steering column, as well as replace the electrical starting part of the steering column.

Still getting the click, click with full battery charge. Like I said this is the same starter as the old which used to crank the engine just fine.

So would adding a firewall based solenoid in conjunction with the starter mounted solenoid cure this problem?

Oh, and the timing is locked out a 23 degs, but like I said it hasn't been a problem since I changed to the PM starters.

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