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Before throwing parts at the problem, do a simple test.

August 11 2017 at 4:25 PM
Gerry  (Login gerryproctor)

Response to OT, would adding a firewall starter solenoid solve my starting issues?

With a DVOM and DC selected, put the positive lead on the battery + and the negative on the solenoid input. Turn the key to start the car and observe the meter. The meter will show you the voltage drop between that circuit. If it's more than .5v, you have a resistance issue in that part of the circuit. If you had a separate solenoid, you'd follow through by doing this; Do the same test between the solenoid input and the solenoid out (terminal that leads to the starter terminal). Again, you have an issue with more than .5v drop. Now do the same test between the solenoid out and the starter's input terminal.

For yours, if there is a way to do so, you'd want to test the solenoid from the input to where it feeds juice to the starter motor. Some starter-mounted solenoids you can do this, some you cant.

This test will show you where you have the problem and what, if anything, needs to be replaced. Would a separate solenoid feeding the starter solenoid help? Maybe, but I'm not an EE so explaining why it would or wouldn't help wouldn't be credible. I mean, if the solenoid's resistance becomes excessive because of heat, you're still going to have a hot solenoid on the starter. Using a pre-solenoid elsewhere doesn't seem to solve that problem and only adds another relay in your circuit.

And, yes, you're right; it isn't an issue with the timing.

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