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NOT convincing (long read and braggin a Little)

August 12 2017 at 5:51 AM

John  (Login Gettinther)

Response to Convince me to stay with an FE


I think I spent 10+ years pulling in the same class as you described here in Ontario Canada. I ran a 1980 F150 466ci. 9.7:1CR Dyno run @ 487hp & 514tq cast iron heads and block, all castings were ford original except pistons, RPM intake and Crower cam which I don't think is available any more. Stock Duraspark C6auto and 9inch with 350 gears in the rear and Dana44 front 33 inch tires and biggest set were 35x12.50. This truck was my daily driver as well and I travelled all over the central and lower part of Ontario to pulls even pulled a Fith wheel trailer loaded with another pulling truck for the SuperStock class over 200 miles but just once the gas consumption was a KILLER oh ya this was also on pump gas ALL THE TIME. I still have this engine currently in a 1992 F150 2 wheeler Lariat on the street with factory AC and Cruise.

This truck ran consistently in the top 3 and was something for the Chebbie an Goat pullers to look up to which they had to because they couldn't catch it with what they thought was comparable. I never met too many of those on the road anywhere but they were always at the pulls.

The Street legal class here would only allow aluminum intakes not heads. The FE engine back then was almost unseen except for 2 guys I can remember and they were running 390 in manual trucks both F250 one was a divorced transfer case much else I don't know. One of these guys had me come and put a set of 427 heads on his but he never did the bottom end and didn't survive long.

This all being said I can't see why a similar FE being one of Blair Patrick's or Barry's wouldn't do the same and Keep you smiling all the way to FIRST place, but I don't know your rule limits and I missed it if you said you were running a stick or C6.

The stick trucks always seem to drop RPM for a few sec at about the 70 to 100 foot mark until they catch their breath then the revs come up the auto trans has the torque convertor to allow a little give all the way up.

Sorry for the LONG read but I bet the FE can rule your class done in a comparable fashion.
Here is the truck and Randy I think I am now one of the OLD FARTS just not as old as you HAHAHAHA.
[linked image]

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