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There is a dork flowed a C8 and a C4 and got 213 and 231#.500 intake

October 3 2017 at 6:13 AM
Bill Ballinger  (Login 65billgal)

Then he flowed the exhaust and got 181 on the C8(WTF) and 158 on the C4. This is on U-tube BTW. He doesn't have a chunk of intake attached to the intake, and my C4s stock were 175 just washing them out. So he is recommending a stock
C8AE head for a 445 stroker he is going to put in a truck. My issues

1. He called them low and MR heads and even remotely screwed that up.
2 No valve jobs listed, who knows what they had.
3.In a mild engine, in fact even not so mile engine the Exhaust to intake ratio does not mean that much Exhaust just wants out. A 460 that flows 300 at .500 and 140 at .500 will blow the 445 he is building off of the road. Exhaust that is at least 66% of the intake is good enough to have no to little effect on power.
4 You have heard the Mr Shitface being praised the original designer of the internal combustion engine.

Barry responded, and as we all know, you can make either one work, but why not just buys some Edelbrocks and have a competent machinist put them together, no muss, fuss, or just have a good valve job and some decent valves in the C4s and find out that they can make 480 hp. The C8s at 213 cfm ? are you joking? The C4s stock at 231 just with a valve job and work on the pinch to get it to really flow 231 can make 400+ on either

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