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Fake news is no joke, but ultimate evil is real

October 3 2017 at 7:06 PM

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Response to Just wow

As someone who has personally been deliberately misrepresented in major newspapers & media outlets (including AJC) , excluded from and/or edited out of invitation panel interviews (CNN, multiple radio interviews) it's wise to be pragmatic. Before those things happened to me personally, I had a much different opinion of what is "true" and "factual." Follow the money. The ones who pays first, especially if they pay more, have the high ground.

It's not wise to be stupid. Going to the other extreme, thinking that everything is fake and contrived, is just as irrational.

As a final point, People that don't follow rules now won't follow new rules just because.... people do things just because they can. There is one explanation for their actions- Ultimate evil is real. That is the definition of Satan, who has been allowed realm over this world until the return of ultimate good. Total evil cannot exist without total goodness, because the absence of one defines the existence of the other. Whether that evil is conservatives, liberals, a talking demon with horns & tail or some nut job in a hotel with automatic weapons, evil is evil.

Make your choice. Eternal Salvation is real and is free for those who ask Jesus Christ to be their savior and turn from their sinful ways.. Or you can do nothing and get used to evil as an eternal path. In the end, those are your only two choices. I pray each and every one of you chooses the saving grace of Jesus Christ . Then, we can pray together for those touched by the evil in this world.
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