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Old school machine shop

October 5 2017 at 5:14 PM
Jim  (Login FormerlyCyclonic66)

Dropped a block off today to have a sleeve put in. The old guy looked across the parking lot at my block sitting in my SUV with the liftgate up. "Old FE, huh". Yep, found the right guy.

The prior owner had put the rear cam plug in wrong. That's the first thing he noticed and said " I'll fix that too". I told him I was glad to find a guy that knew that was wrong on an FE. $160 to install a sleeve with .002 interference and nested on a bottom shoulder, bore it to match the other 7, replace the cam plug and hone all 8 bores.

While there, I noticed a TON of cylinder heads in process, so I had to ask. "How much to rebuild a set of FE heads with new seats, guides and positive seals"? His response: "$450 and you provide the valves". I had to ask: "what about the valve job."

"That's included"

I was shopping for Edelbrocks for this old truck project, but that price is hard to walk away from. May just leave the heads stock. I peeked under a valve cover yesterday and was shocked at how clean the 360 is with 100k on the clock. I guess I'll look for a deal on CJ valves.

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