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have you ever actually called customs?

October 5 2017 at 10:29 PM
Gary B  (Login Garyford)

Response to its simple

That has to be one of the most difficult agencies to get information from. On other matters I've had to call them, they feign total ignorance of what I am asking and when I slightly change the wordage to match the bureaucratic speak, suddenly they remember an answer or a specialist sitting 4' away. There simply is no way to get good advice by 'calling customs". I've had customs officers question me why I was declaring a $1500 canopy I was importing, other times they will make a big deal out of something that would seem trivial

When importing in to the US several years ago, it was important to have a notarized bill of sale (I believe that was a Washington State requirement). Not a big deal to find a notary in the USA, but very formal in Canada.

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