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Beyond slight mechanical differences mentioned...

October 6 2017 at 7:02 AM
Gerry  (Login gerryproctor)

Response to Carb float questions. If set incorrectly, and float level be somewhat corrected by adj.

Fuel level has an affect on A/F ratio. A higher fuel bowl level makes the carburetor run richer. A lower level runs leaner. It has to do with the weight of the fuel...darn gravity. This is rarely a consideration by most folks since very slight differences don't seem to matter much, but it does have an affect. You see this in carburetors with a long service life used in many vehicle applications and why rebuild kits contain a laundry list for vehicle-specific float adjustments for what is essentially the same carburetor. The slight difference account for different carburetor calibrations for different vehicles.

A long time ago, an old timer said; "If you want to understand why it's important to get your tune up right, work on a single or twin cylinder motorcycle." These words are true. I own a 1973 Honda 450. Float settings seeming minute have a dramatic impact on how rich or lean the carbs run.

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