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428 over pressurized expansion tank

October 7 2017 at 11:22 AM
Jon  (Login saltshakerxxl)

Fresh rebuilt 428 and it has kicked the radiator hose off the radiator... it had been filled with water and a 10lb cap. I was able to get a 5 gal bucket of water from a restaurant, reattached the hose and filled the tank....all was good. Took the car on a 150 mile ride 70 deg outside no issues. Yesterday took the car out for fuel it was 84 out again no issues. This morning there was water under the car, backed it out the garage and went to take the radiator cap off and the expansion tank was pressurized...water was pouring out! I rented a pressure tester and after refilling the tank the system held 15lb for 10 plus min...I been using a 160 deg thermostat....
Going to replace the thermostat, cap and fill with 50/50 antifreeze... any thoughts what might be going on? The car has always run cool, even in 100deg summer heat!

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