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feel ya

October 7 2017 at 12:01 PM

javier  (Login Ranchopower)

Response to 428 over pressurized expansion tank

old stuff like that always run minimum 50/50 coolant 70/30 my fav is using green coolant

But a car like that the EVANS coolant is the only option for coolant. way to many advantages

and less bugs to work out at the end of the year. still have 3 vehicles all have had the same

coolant since 2004 great stuff.

Evans coolant would not of kicked off your hose even with a 30 psi cap cause if you lucky it will make 7 psi

max, but never seen it on all 3 cars have mine in, 3 psi caps all that is needed.

Anyway your tank may have burped out the water little by little during the drive and after it was parked, the tank is not coolant catch, it purges the water out the vent tube.

just have to keep an eye on it, it will operate at a certain level of coolant in the tank at operating temperature. once you find it that is where you keep it.

always check coolant and oil in the mornings before cold start.

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